David Leaser has authored two acclaimed photographic monographs / coffee-table books featuring his botanical art. Leaser has also authored two books on palm horticulture. All of his books will take you on a journey to see nature at is most magnificent. From the tropical gardens of Hawaii to the palm gardens at the world’s leading botanical preserves, David’s books will take you on a mini-vacation to explore the beauty of nature.
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If God were designing the Garden of Eden today, surely He would consider a lush tropical place with jagged green mountains, swaying coconut palms and fresh air subtly scented with the perfume of exotic flowers. This is Hawai’i, a place that to many symbolizes the essence of the tropics. This beautiful coffeetable book by David Leaser pays homage to Hawai i s botanical gardens and the lush foliage found within them. With historical notes and interesting tidbits, each major garden in Hawai’i comes to life, brimming with the likes of plumeria, banyans orchids, protea, and more. Highlighted are pioneers such as Mary Foster, who solicited the help of botanist Harold Lyon to restore the Foster Botanical Garden, as well as others who developed their own botanical gardens, many for private use. Today, the Islands hold a treasure trove of magnificent gardens, each with a unique theme. From Kauai s Allerton Garden, famously depicted in Jurassic Park, to the Big Island s Hawai’i Tropical Botanical Garden, each contributes to the beauty of the Islands and offers visitors a glimpse of the tropical wonders from around the globe.

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Whether you are a beginner or an experienced gardener, this handy reference is the perfect instruction manual for growing palm trees in Hawai’i and other tropical locations. Featuring photos of rare and exotic palms, this book will inspire you to create your own tropical paradise. Also, this colorful field guide will help you to quickly identify a wide variety of palms, and you’ll discover the best places to see palms throughout the islands. This book identifies 81 different palm species and contains over 110 photographs of rare and exotic palms. It also includes instructions and tips for selecting the right palm for your garden, planting and transplanting, growing palms from seed, maintenance and much more. This book is the perfect resource for anyone interested in tropical palms.

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Palm Trees: A Story in Photographs is a visual masterpiece filled with spectacular images of palm trees from around the world. From the formal gardens of Versailles to a lush tropical rainforest in the South Pacific, you’ll enjoy the vast diversity of palms that inhabit our planet. Dr. John Dransfield, senior officer at London’s Royal Botanic Garden (Kew Gardens) said of the botanical images in Leaser’s work: “Palm Trees: A Story in Photographs is a beautiful, sumptuously illustrated book. Altogether a treat to look at.”

Palm Trees: A Story in Photographs has received critical acclaim; the photographic monograph was also featured at the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego.

  • Beautiful hardcover binding with more than 130 photos.
  • Filled with images of rarely photographed species.
  • An ideal gift for landscapers, gardeners and palm lovers.

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An essential guide to palm care that includes an At-A-Glance Palm Finder with characteristics of 279 palm species. Filled with everything you need to grow beautiful palms. Whether you’re a new palm lover or an experienced gardener, this is the ultimate guide for selecting, growing, & maintaining palms. More than 300 color photographs throughout. Tips on everything from propogating palms to preventing pests and diseases. Information for growing palms in cold, dry, and coastal climates. Seasonal checklist for maintaining palms. Directory of major palm gardens throughout the world. Includes charts for finding the correct palms for specific areas.

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"In his images, David creates fantastic, contemporary signs from nature's own high style. They become vibrant, nearly abstract mandalas."

- John Mendelsohn, art critic for Artnet