“I wanted to let you know that we received the giclee (and certificate). It looks dynamite in our home. The work is so vibrant and detailed that it lends a 3 dimensional impression that we didn’t expect…love it.”

H. Song

art collector, on her acquisition of Tiger's Eye

“The room would not look complete without [The Queen]!”

Dominic Fusco

on his installation that was a finalist for the Innovation in Design Awards in Cottages and Gardens Magazine

“Palm Trees: A Story in Photographs has captured the universal appeal of palms through beautiful photographs. The book shows their diversity, importance in everyday life among native people, as well as their use in stunning landscapes throughout the world. This book makes it easy to see why people find the palm the symbol of the tropics.”

Paul Craft President

International Palm Society

“Palm Trees: A Story in Photographs…is a celebration of these shapely trees in all their sizes and forms, from the tall and graceful to the short and stout. Close-up photographs show feathery fronds and textural trunks, while panoramic images capture the drama of mature palms both in manicured lawns and in their native landscapes….While packed with eye candy, the book is practical too, containing information on palms that do well in home gardens as well as ways to use them.”

Sunset Magazine

“With his creation of “Nightflowers”, David Leaser is able to focus the viewer on the intimate nature flowers. Its amazing that something as simple as a flower is so beautiful when viewed through Leaser’s highly detailed photographic artwork. We absolutely love our copy of “Serenity” and consider it one of our more collectable pieces!”

Linda and Brad

“David Leaser…has authored and produced what is arguably the most beautiful book ever written on palms….Even those not interested in palms will be attracted to this handsome book, want to pick it up, turn its pages, revel in its content, and be mesmerized by its photographs.”

The Palm Journal

“I received the “Tiger’s Eye” the other day and I must say that it exceeded my expectations. It will bring joy to our family for generations to come.”

W. King

art collector, on his acquisition of Tiger's Eye

“David’s botanical images are breathtaking. At least once a day, patients will comment on the artwork and ask me questions. They can’t believe the incredible detail in the work.”

Cheryl Goldasich

DDS , on her installation of Whirligig in her dental offices

“David’s intense looks at nature not only bring light and pleasure to our rooms, but inspire us to see all things with increased sensuality and contemplation.”

Milt Kogan

“I can recommend David Leaser’s art to anyone interested in enhancing their living or work space in an exceptional way. Think Georgia O’Keefe meets Zen Garden and you have a feeling for David’s magnificent eye and the results.”

Mela Gaskins Butcher

director of the Center of Ayurveda in Los Angeles, on her installation of Jade, Hawaiian Sunset and Nightstar

“Los Angeles may be more of an adoptive than biological parent to palm trees…but that hasn’t prevented the palm from becoming a botanical symbol for fun in the Southern California sun. Leaser’s new coffee-table book captures their variety, from towering California fans to stubby Cuban petticoats.”

Los Angeles Times

“Palm lovers will swoon at the coffee-table format of Palm Trees: A Story in Photographs…by David Leaser, with a fact-filled text including historical and cultural details; a photo gallery of palms around the world may well inspire gardeners in appropriate climates to try their luck.”

Publishers Weekly

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"In his images, David creates fantastic, contemporary signs from nature's own high style. They become vibrant, nearly abstract mandalas."

- John Mendelsohn, art critic for Artnet