Sunset Magazine has recognized a Los Angeles photographer as the “West At Its Best” for his highly detailed photographs of flowers.

The magazine, which reaches nearly 5 million readers, featured the work of David Leaser, a fine art photographer who is using innovative technology, including equipment used by NASA on Mars, to create large scale botanical images with such detail you can literally see the pollen glistening on the stamens. Sunset designated a full page in their October issue to represent Leaser’s work, which he is calling Nightflowers. The work can be viewed at: http://www.davidleaser.com.

To capture the intense detail of these flowers, Leaser literally had to create a new process. “Traditional camera equipment just didn’t work,” Leaser said. “The images just weren’t sharp enough to enlarge to these sizes, which measure about four feet across.”  So, after months of trial and error, he developed a process using sophisticated imaging techniques, including panorama technology developed for NASA’s missions to Mars. Some are calling it the dettagli process because of the incredible detail in the images. “When you see these large canvases, you literally get a bees-eye view into the flower. You will see things you normally wouldn’t even notice, like the tiny hairs on an orchid,” Leaser said.

Ann Landi, contributing editor for ARTnews, said, “[David Leaser’s images] seduce us as only an unforgettable work of art can: with an invitation to look, and look again.” AndJohn Mendelsohn, reviewer of contemporary art for ArtNet, writes, “David Leaser’s Nightflowers, a series of striking photographs, confronts us with nature at its most flamboyant. In his images, this photographer creates fantastic, contemporary signs from nature’s own high style. They are highly detailed visual records and an artist’s vision of how he apprehends reality.”

The inspiration for this innovation began in the depths of the Amazon. “I was in the Ecuadorean Amazon shooting landscapes but found myself drawn to the small flowers on the floor of the rainforest. You can see complete ecosystems in these flowers if you look closely enough.  When I came back to Los Angeles, I spent months experimenting with technology until I was able to recreate these highly detailed views.

“I have always loved Sunset magazine, and I am really honored they selected my work for this recognition,” Leaser said. “I’ve been working on Nightflowers for more than three years, and I believe they do represent the entrepreneurial spirit of the West, where we are always looking for ways to make things better.”

David Leaser has authored four books, including two photographic monographs. Leaser’s Tropical Gardens of Hawaii and Palm Trees: A Story in Photographs have received critical acclaim; the latter was also featured at the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego. For more information on David Leaser, visit http://www.davidleaser.com or http://www.facebook.com/DavidLeaserFineArt

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"In his images, David creates fantastic, contemporary signs from nature's own high style. They become vibrant, nearly abstract mandalas."

- John Mendelsohn, art critic for Artnet