LOS ANGELES, CALIF – The opening pages of Palm Trees: A Story in Photographs (Westwood Pacific, $39.95) show why so many people are enamored with palm trees. The symbols of the tropics, palm trees and the images they conjure up are the antidote to the hectic lives we face.

Palm Trees: A Story in Photographs is the first coffee-table book to address the interests of palm lovers, horticulturalists and landscapers. By featuring palm trees in gardens, natural habitats and remote villages, the book shows how palm trees are an important part of everyday living in many parts of the world. Images of coconut plantations in Thailand, Samoan boys returning from a harvest and vacationers relaxing on a palm-fringed beach take the reader on a mini-vacation around the world. This hard cover book is beautifully illustrated with 135 color photos.

Almost overnight, palm trees have become a staple in home décor. Visit any home store and you will find palm tree bed linens, cushions and artwork. And in warm climate areas, garden centers are selling more palm trees than ever before as the “tropical look” has returned to fashion.

David Leaser is a longtime member of the International Palm Society and the International Plant Propagators Society. His interest in palm trees inspired him to visit some of the most beautiful palm gardens in the world, where he began to photograph their collections. By showing palm trees in the landscape, Leaser has created a book that will appeal to all lovers of the tropics.

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Book Statistics

Title: Palm Trees: A Story in Photographs
Author: David Leaser
ISBN: 1-59588-010-0
Category: Gardening/Trees
Length: 144 pages
Retail Price: $39.95
Binding: 9 x 12 cloth hardcover with French dust jacket
Illustrations: Full color photographs spot varnished on matte stock
Additions: Appendices of botanical gardens and public park

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